Our Chapter

If you arived here via the main GPAA website you already know the GPAA.  For the remaining individuals here's a short history.  The GPAA was founded in 1968 by George "Buzzard" Massie and several other fellow prospectors for the purpose of preserving the heritage of prospecting in North America.  By forming this organization were able thru membership fees to acquire mining claims all over the United States for their members to camp, fish and of course, prospect for gold.

They are also helping to keep our public lands public.  There are a few organizations that petition the government constantly to close lands to all forms of outdoor recreation.  The Gold fever television program was started in 1991 and have become very popular in the last few years.

Our chapter tries to have at least two or more Common Prospecting Trips / Outings a year .  The closest GPAA property is Buchanan Georgia but we head off to other areas in Georgia and North Carolina for gem digging and gold prospecting.  When the Gold show is in Georgia or the Carolina's GPAA members might just see several of us operating a booth to promote our chapter.

The Orlando Chapter was founded in 2002.  Come to one of Our Meetings and join in the fun.  9:00am second Saturday of each month at Warren Park, Orlando, Fl.

Our current officers are;

President:                 Steve Mattes '18 ->
Vice President:         Les Proehl '18 ->
Secretary:                 Cindy Valvo '19 ->
Treasurer:                Debbie Conejo '18 ->
Contact Person:       Steve Mattes '18 ->
Purchasing Agent:   Debbie Conejo '18 ->
Webmaster:              Bob Gaebler '08 ->

History of our Chapters Officers;

    Chris Maggio 2014-2017
    Tom Davis 2015-2016
    Jim Green 2006-2014
    Richard Allen 2002-2005
Vice President:
    Eddie Carter 2014-2017
    Tom Davis 2008,2012-2013
    Doug Sayre 2010
    Mark Robinson 2009
    Dwayne Clancey 2006-2007, 2011
    Patrick Kennedy 2002-2005
    Janice Bosschar 2016-2018
    Bob Gaebler 2011-2015
    Tom Davis 2009-2010
    Paulette Clancey 2002-2008
    Dick Coddings 2016-2017
    Frank Mercier 2015-2016
    Tom Davis 2014
    Debbie Briggs 2012
    Frank Mercier 2002-2012
    Dwayne Clancey 2002-2007


      2014 - 2015  Membership.