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Our Outings

Twice a year as a club we try to have a weekend long outing going for the GOLD!  One used to be pretty much set on the Memorial Day weekend, but in recent years it's been in April.  A second one will occur in the Sept/Oct timeframe.  Officially, Friday and Saturday are the outing days, but several members will arrive early or stay longer making the outing a weeklong trip.   Members also head out to Weekenders properties at various times over the summer months.

Whatever Gold we find is usually concentrated by using a Gold Cube, and split up among the members that attend.  I hear sometimes these rules can changes depending on the turnout, where there may just be a nugget draw, and bags of concentrates.   Recent Outings to Lucky Strike have produced many pickers, so we've pretty much have a drawing for the nuggets and pickers found on every outing.

The GPAA closest property is Buchanan Georgia but it seems members are enjoying Lucky Strike further up in North Carolina.  Besides a good amount of gold, members have been finding a few gemstones which makes for some extra enjoyment.

During other times of the year, we'll go on day trip outings, such as Metal Detecting , and Fossil Hunts.

    Working the Wash Plant, Lucky Strike, NC

What to Expect...

None of the costs associated with attending and running an outing are paid for by the club.  Individuals need to make their own arraignments for travel, lodging, and meals.

Travel - The Club will provide instructions via this site on how to get to the location, but transportation is not provided.  Walk, Bike, Drive, Fly, etc. :) just get there...  Attend a meeting prior to the outing, and you might just find someone to carpool with.

Lodging - Camping either on site or nearby will be available.  The Club tries to make sure it will accommodate tent campers to 30ft RV's or trailers.  Usually there is no cost for this, but if there is each individual is expected to pay their own way.  If you prefer a nice room and bed, check the internet for locations of motels, hotels, etc. in the nearby town.  For personal hygiene, pretty much all sites provide a port-a-potty, anything extra is a Bonus.

Meals - Bring everything you'll need for the duration or visit the many restaurants in the area of the outing.  The club usually supplies a bit towards one of the meals which may be a joint BBQ, or a trip to a local restaurant.  If the cost of this exceeds the clubs portion attendees are expected to make up the difference.

Equipment - Bring everything you own!  If you think you will use or want to use it, then bring it.  Usually one or more members of the club will bring a dredge for a common prospecting effort where everyone helping gets a share of the concentrates.

Notes - OK, with all that out of the way, what usually happens is that everyone has a great time.  From the hellos to the goodbyes these trips will keep you going.  The change in atmosphere from one's normal life to a rustic event driven weekend of activities cannot be fully appreciated until days after you back home.

If you’re a novice or a seasoned old pro, you will be surprised at the knowledge shared from the get go.  We're like an extended family, where everyone is always willing to lend a hand, give advice, or shoot the bull about anything and everything.

Typical first day starts right after breakfast, at about 9am or so, everyone gets suited up, and heads out.  In the early afternoon, there may or may not be a break for lunch depending upon your preferences.  Usually by about 5 or 6pm the day is done, there's a cleanup and then back to camp.  Dinner, discussions around a campfire, then off for a well deserved night's sleep.

The second day is a rinse and repeat of the first, except it might end up at about 3pm or so incase some of us are heading home.

Hope you will join us out there.  Come to our Next Meeting, check Next Outing to see what we're up to next, or Contact Us for more information.

    Beech Creek, Buchanan, GA GPAA Site